Friday, December 7, 2012

Mount Gambier

Before you have a look at the photos there are a few interesting facts i thought i would share with you.
Mount Gambier is described as the City of 'craters, lakes and caves.  It was built on the slopes of an extinct Volcano.  I was born in Australia and i didn't know we had Volcano's here.  
It also have a beautiful Blue Lake, the largest of three Volcanic craters and puts on a real show from November, when the water becomes a brilliant turquoise blue.
They have a sinkhole which they have put a beautiful garden in it and i will show you photo as we go along.
These photos were taken by my brother-in-law,
who took them in a place called Mount Gambier.

All were done by one man. I do hope you read about our history that is shown on the above photo. 
I hope you enjoy these photos

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